Vanessa Customer Support


A Large-scale Operation to Deliver a Premium Quality Product


Emerson Vanessa was a pioneer in the use of 3D Cad, Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamic calculations to design a valve capable of delivering better performance engineered in the most efficient way.
The complex geometry of Vanessa triple offset valves requires precision engineering and using advanced technology for fixture tooling and inspection equipment. 3D measuring machines are used to check body and discs with tolerances in the order of fractions of millimeters to be verified and validated during different stages of manufacturing. These advanced tools have allowed us to continuously improve the product design, enhance robustness, ensure long term durability and adapt the valve to provide the best-fit solutions to our customers.


With our history of consistent growth over the years, we have expanded our manufacturing facilities several times and now Vanessa Series 30,000 manufacturing plant occupies a 70,000 square meter site and is capable of producing over 35,000 valves per year. There is also a separate production facility based on Advanced Flow Manufacturing technology producing more than 1,000 valves per month with diameters comprised between NPS 3 to NPS 24 (class 150 and 300) in carbon and stainless steel with extremely short delivery times.
Furthermore, through the introduction of rigorous manufacturing methodologies such as "Lean" and "Six Sigma", we are committed to operational excellence and high integrity processes throughout our business.


Besides a proven track record of delivering outstanding products for decades to hundreds of satisfied customers, our high quality standards are acknowledged by certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


In order to reduce delivery time and speed up the testing process, Vanessa Series 30,000 manufacturing plant is equipped with nine automated test benches to cover virtually all sizes and pressure ratings (up to NPS 76 and class 1,500). We also have multiple cryogenic testing facilities all equipped with digital instrumentation: the largest one can handle valves up to NPS 140 with a 30,000 liters liquid nitrogen tank and a 20 ton crane. Testing is observed via close circuit TV for total safety.
Our valves fulfill the requirements of internationally recognized standards, and are tested through the use of a mass spectrometer helium tester for fugitive emission detection. These tests are often critical as fugitive emissions are not only linked to loss of product/plant output but their reduction can significantly minimize pipe system risks related to personnel and the environment.
Our cryogenic valves are carefully protected against moisture and dust prior to shipping. Whenever critical oxygen/hydrogen fluids are involved, the whole cleaning and assembly of the valves takes place in a dedicated cleaning room, remote from manufacturing and machining operations.


Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive services matching the same outstanding level of quality we deliver through our products. As part of an international group Vanessa has a truly global presence through a network of sales offices, service centers, valve automation centers and local inventory.
This is extended to training and service operations in all the major industrial markets allowing us to look after our customers throughout a valveā€™s lifecycle.