Triple offset valve


Series 30,000 - Basic Configuration

Valve construction

Series 30,000 is a robust valve capable of performing bidirectional zero leakage notwithstanding extreme temperature conditions. Indeed, its all-metal construction, inherently fire resistant, is unaffected by temperature changes and a fully integrated long bonnet keeps packing protected from extreme service temperatures (from -60 °C to 450 °C - from -76 °F to +842 °F).
Furthermore, the flange spot facing ensures flange bolting nut and washer planarity, increases reliability and safety of flanged joints with long term tightness and no re-tightening requirements.

Sealing components

The materials chosen for sealing, coupled with precise machining, significantly contribute to extending the life of the valve. Every Vanessa Series 30,000 valve in basic configuration features a smoothly grinded seat with Stellite® grade 21 weld overlay highly resistant to galling, abrasion, erosion and corrosion.

The Vanessa seal ring is the key flexible component necessary to perform sealing and may be laminated in Duplex (as a minimum) or manufactured as a one-piece solid. Seal rings are easily interchangeable thanks to their self-centering ability and the presence of reference pins that simplify assembly. In addition, a dynamic spiral wound gasket ensures an adequate expansion and contraction of the seal ring during opening and closing.


Vanessa valves all share the same trim – a combination of optimized angles, and robust bearings and shafts. Our engineers have developed over four decades each and every component to maximize safety while keeping an extremely streamlined and functional design:

  • The one-piece shaft maximizes robustness to a level which is not reachable with stub shafts commonly used with low pressure butterfly valves.
  • Two-piece packing glands enhance safety and reliability in terms of fugitive emissions over time.
  • The shaft to disc connection is secured by keys (no pins) to optimize torque transmission without compromising shaft integrity.
  • The disc is not a sealing element, only a carrier. Being consistent with body material, the disc can be exposed to the same level of abrasion and corrosion of the valve body without negative effects on tightness and operability.
  • Heavy duty bearings and thrust bearing are designed to withstand high pressure loads and wear.
    • Standard reinforced, braided and flexible graphite bearing protectors eliminate the risk of particle intrusion, ensure constant torque demand and increase overall reliability.
  • Internal and external retaining devices ensure Vanessa blowout-proof one-piece shaft is safe to operate and provide complete compliance with API 609.
  • Open/closed disc references and an external disc position indicator simplify installation/removal procedures and are in compliance with API 609.


Download Series 30,000 Basic Configuration Datasheet here
> Download Series 30,000
Basic Configuration Datasheet here


Optional features

Series 30,000 basic configuration is available with several options:

  • A packing flushing device is usually added whenever the fluid involves high health & safety risks – through this connection a pressure chamber and/or a suction point can be created to eliminate or intercept any leakage.
  • A live loaded mechanism minimizes the need to tighten the packing whenever the valve is used in heavy duty applications (including thermal cycling) or packing maintenance is not practical.
  • Top and bottom bearings can be protected from dirty or polymerizing/crystallizing medium by flushing devices which create a barrier by means of a clean fluid injection, providing additional operational safety and reliability.
  • A one-piece metal Solid Seal Ring (SSR) is chosen whenever the application may negatively affect the life of the standard laminated seal ring. SSRs are a standard feature in high pressure, cryogenic and high temperature configuration.

Stellite® is a registered trade name of Deloro
Basic Configuration