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Triple offset valve


Series 30,000 - High Temperature Configuration

Our high temperature configuration has been designed to operate with temperatures up to 815 °C (1,500 °F). The following features differentiate Vanessa High Temperature Series 30,000 from the basic configuration:
  • Vanessa seal ring is always a one-piece solid in different materials depending on the valve body - this ensures no graphite oxidation and weakening, while allowing for various hard facing technologies to be applied in order to respond to application risks.
  • A bolted extended bonnet keeps packing protected from high service temperatures up to 815 °C (1,500 °F).
  • Bearings and thrust bearing can be hard faced with Stellite® or other overlays ensuring high mechanical properties and responding to application risks.
  • All materials, including disc bolting, are selected to guarantee suitable mechanical properties in high temperatures and consistent thermal expansion rates.
Stellite® is a registered trade name of Deloro
High Temperature Configuration