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Triple offset valve cost of ownership


Low Cost of Ownership

Existing valve replacement

Vanessa Series 30,000 allows for the easy replacement of gate, ball and globe valves and, with its long body face-to-face (designed in compliance with ASME B16.10), several existing class 150, 300 and 600 valves can be replaced without any piping modification. By doing so, our customers are able to achieve substantial reductions in valve space and weight, and benefit from significantly lower costs derived from valve transportation, handling, lifting, fitting and insulation.
A drastic reduction of weight, especially for larger sizes and higher pressure rating valves, also allows for a simplification of the entire piping system with subsequent reduction of costs associated to piping supports.
The whole piping architecture can be streamlined even further considering the fact that Vanessa triple offset valves’ single line seat (which is perpendicular to the pipe) remains unaffected by adjacent induced piping stresses, safeguarding the valve’s sealing properties and its operability.

A robust, durable, maintenance-free valve

Series 30,000 is designed to be virtually maintenance free, and does not require planned maintenance in most applications, providing significant cost savings across its lifecycle.
Our standard body seat has a weld overlay of Stellite® grade 21 and we use exclusively highly corrosion resistant metal seal rings, such as Duplex as a minimum. This creates the perfect combination of robust and flexible materials resulting in reliable, long term shut-off performance.

The advantages of a long lasting one-piece metal seal ring at cryogenic temperatures

We combine our Stellite® grade 21 body seat with forged one-piece metal seal rings for cryogenic valve applications as this results in improved performance and durability. In fact, Stellite® 21 will last for the entire valve/plant life for gaseous as well as liquid natural gas. High tech welding robots and Vanessa IWE (International Welding Engineer) qualified personnel ensure quality and maximum reliability of these overlays.
Vanessa Series 30,000’s one-piece metal seal rings are made of UNS 520910 (or Nitronic®50), an austenitic stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion while keeping important mechanical features at low temperatures. It also has exceptional yield strength, approximately double that of other series 300 stainless steels at ambient temperature.
Emerson Vanessa never uses polymers or other soft components for valve sealing as they significantly limit the valve ability to achieve consistent tightness over time and increase the need for routine maintenance.

Stellite® is a registered trade name of Deloro
Nitronic® is a registered trade name of AK Steel

Existing valve replacement
A robust, durable, maintenance-free valve
The advantages of a long lasting one-piece metal seal ring at cryogenic temperatures