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Provided by OpenGlobal

Triple offset valve functions


One Product, Multiple Functions

Bidirectional isolation

Vanessa triple offset valves provide the ideal solution for all applications where positive isolation is required. Every Vanessa valve is designed to provide full tightness at the maximum rated pressure in both sealing directions. Moreover, due to the non-symmetric design of the trim, the valve has a preferred sealing direction where tightness is achieved with lower torque demand.


Being quarter turn and featuring a throttling trim, Vanessa triple offset valves are able to deliver top performance in control functions. The extremely low running torque is constant throughout the 90 degree rotation, thus ensuring accurate flow and pressure control even at small opening angles. Moreover, with adequate actuation and controls, the Vanessa valve is capable of performing isolation and control in a single product, compared to the usual need for two distinct valves.


Vanessa triple offset valves offer intrinsically higher safety integrity levels (SIL) compared to other conventional bidirectional ball and gate valves, as they are torque seated, metal-to-metal quarter turn valves. In fact, with an accurate valve, material and actuator selection, and thanks to the non-symmetric design of the trim, systematic failure can be significantly minimized.
The non-symmetric trim design of Vanessa valves triggers different valve behavior, depending on which direction the differential pressure is applied to. In the preferred sealing direction of the valve, the pressure tends to keep the valve closed, allowing users to benefit from safer functioning in emergency shutdowns.
In the opposite sealing direction, i.e. where the pressure tends to open the valve, Vanessa improves safety whenever the function is to provide emergency blow off / vent operation.

Vanessa valves can be used in critical services requiring the following protective functions:

  • Shut down (Emergency CLOSE)
  • Non return (Emergency CLOSE)
  • Bypass blow off/blow down (Emergency OPEN)
  • Vent (Emergency OPEN)
Our valve delivers frictionless operation in emergency close functions; conversely, during emergency open operations, Vanessa’s optimal seating angles prevent the valve from jamming in the closed position while its single line seat perpendicular to the pipe remains unaffected by adjacent induced piping stresses.
With proper actuator and control selection, a single Vanessa ESD valve can also manage flow control, which is usually necessary when resuming plant operations after an emergency. For example, depending on plant operations and start up requirements, emergency close valves often perform flow control while reopening slowly.
Vanessa has been SIL 3-certified since 2005 and, with more than 300,000 valves installed around the world in a wide range of applications including major equipment protective functions, is the preferred choice of many end users when it comes to safety.