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Provided by OpenGlobal

Safe triple offset valve


Safety for People, the Environment and Your Plant

Inherently firesafe

A 100% metal-constructed valve, Vanessa Series 30,000 is fire resistant by design. Whenever there is fire risk, international standards including API 607 and ISO 10497 establish rules for selecting and testing valves for fire resistance by exposing them to a controlled flame within a set timeframe.
Vanessa exceeds those standard requirements and provides outstanding tightness performance during and after the fire exposure, maintaining its remarkable operability and reliability. Vanessa Series 30,000 features fire-safe external seals that are certified to ISO 15848 part-1, EPA method 21 and Ta-Luft.

Intrinsically antistatic

A metal-constructed valve ensures electrical continuity across all components, excluding localized accumulation of electric charge which can be suddenly discharged in a spark. This avoids the use of expensive anti sparking devices to ensure total safety of the valve whenever it is used in potentially explosive environments.

Fulfilling the international requirements for fugitive emissions

Our valves fulfill the requirements of internationally recognized standards, and are tested through the use of a mass spectrometer helium tester for fugitive emission detection. These tests are often critical as fugitive emissions are not only linked to loss of product/plant output but their reduction can significantly minimize pipe system risks related to personnel and the environment.
Vanessa standard seals are certified for fugitive emission containment according to ISO 15848 part-1, EPA method 21, Shell 77/312 and Ta-Luft.
Whenever seal maintenance is unpractical or the valve is subject to externally induced stresses such as vibration, Series 30,000 can be provided with a live loaded packing device to ensure constant packing load. Other customized solutions are available for extremely critical applications such as cancerogenic/mutagenic VOC.